Thoughts and idea about the Qlik ecosystem

About 6 years ago I jump along to the Qlik ecosystem as a Qlik partner. I immediately realise the value of it… cool I thought then.

“It’s not only the great technology but an active, innovative community surrounding it”.

Here are listed some findings and perspectives of this ecosystem:

– Innovative technology (continual innovation and right direction)

– Sharing information through community

* qlikview resources

* qliksense resources

– QlikMarket for fantastic apps

– Qlikbranch for awesome outputs like extensions and visualizations

– Qlik’s local presence geographically

– Qlik partner programmes and sharing technical informations

– Yearly Qlik Qonnections events to have a look for future opportunities

– Awesome training programmes

– Continual and valuable communication from Qlik to Partners

– Help from Qlik partner technical responsible persons

– Fantastics Qlik product support

– Very skilled Qlik personnel

– Lots of very experienced partners worldwide

– Massive amount of written articles, whitepapers, books and guides

– Great marketing activities, blogs and great Social Media activities.

– QlikDevGroup internationally

I don`t know but for me this list looks pretty impressive, right.

Additional info:

I you yet haven’t then please check more information from here;


Qlik website:

Qlik blog:
Qlikview community:
Qlik Sense community:
Qlik Market:

“If you believe to something and you see the opportunities, it’s then easy to share the message”.

And then idea..

Qlik Community has been technically oriented. It has its place definitely, but why not have business part as well.

Success stories, values added, needs, challenges……

Well nevertheless this is one of the greatest analytics communities I know!!

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