Yesterday, today, tomorrow – Analytics of openness.

A very common dilemma (still) today is that we see our business from yesterday to today.  More often a tomorrow aspect is not available. Even though all technical capabilities to forecast “tomorrow” (future) are possible. Not with 100 % certainty but close enough.

Why advanced Analytics Integration (AAI) is still a myth

I have seen and heard great examples of use of AAI. Some companies may have hundreds of data scientists analyzing, explaining or preparing data. But many don’t use it. Why?

Reasons are something like;

  • Not enough understanding what it really means
  • No support, sponsorship from top management
  • Thoughts that data quality is not well enough
  • There are are too many data sources to integrate
  • Not understanding what it technically really means
  • Even basic reporting and analytics are not finalized

People normally are curious to know what will happen in future and then they wonder how can we make it happen.

I love to find explanations and examples why somethings is like it is.  Jason Silva mentions in his video that we are learned to be more present, learner to be in the moment. Aren’t we learned to know a “tommorrow”?

Finding Balance Between The Now And The Future – Jason Silva



On the other hand it is said that e.g. Fintech is changing consumers behavior. Consumers have more options to access to an information and various services to choose. Services guides and gives information what to do, chat pots, live chat etc.. This is close to augmented intelligence approach.  What about if consumer can choose a right services at right time using advanced analytics. Open data and “analytics of openness”.

We love or not a technology and a services will change things in our everyday life. Some of them explains what has been done and is now, other can lead you to do rights decisions in future.

“Learn from history, act now, be ready for tommorrow”


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