QlikSense release update log

Here are listed QlikSense main release updates since June 2017 release. Qlik will release QlikSense updates five times a year.


Insight Advisor

  • Extended to all users of Qlik Sense apps
  • Search and generate insights on master items


  • Show or hide columns in a pivot table based on a formula
  • Customize master measure items with color scales or gradients

Application management and customization

  • Developers can disable responsive layout for sheets and set a custom size in pixels. (not supported in mobile device mode)
  • Default bookmark for an app
  •  Improved control over Qlik Sense when using devices that support touch and mouse input events

Touch Screen


  • Density layer (multi-color gradient map background)
  • Optimize performance when browsing dense maps with pixel zoom.
  • Default colors for added layers.
  • KML files with geographic line data (load and render)
  • Manage field labels

Expression editor enhancements

  • Direct links are provided to the Qlik Sense help page from expression functions.
  • Improved categorization of functions.
  • Improved search makes it easier to find field names, functions and variables.

Qlik Connectors

  • Native connectivity to MS Azure QSL DB
  • Jira connector
  • QlikODBC Connector (Enhanced security for LDAP authentication)


  • Access to Qlik Sense Enterprise is now supported in AirWatch EMM (Enterprise Mobile Management) (Safari and Chrome or WMvare browsers)

Back end management

  • Multiple apps can be moved between streams in the QMC
  • Open source front end framework upgraded to version 1.6.9


Insight Advisor

  • Auto-generates and suggest best insights for user
  • Auto-generates visualization and analytics
  • Add auto-generated insight directly to sheets

Accelerated Self Service

  • Automated chart generation based on data
  • Alternative chart suggestion to user to consider
  • Improvements to workflows and properties

Advanced authoring and publishing

  • Scrollable sheets
  • Resizable sheets
  • Expression editor improvements
  • Expression labels for dynamic naming of charts, visualization and sheets
  • Direct editing Master Items
  • Self Service publishing in the Qlik Sense Hub


  • New line layer

Qlik Sense Hub

  • Dedicated section to published apps

Connectors available at ODBC data connectivity package

  • MongoDB
  • Presto
  • Apache Spark
  • Apache Phoenix
  • Apache Drill

File connector filtering option

Accessibility improvements

  • Keyboard based navigation
    • Select sheets and objects
    • Selection in table
    • Navigate forward and back
    • Navigate the hub
  • Chart to table flipping

Multi cloud cababilities

  • Use Qlik Cloud or Public Cloud for consumption
  • New hub experience
  • Single license
  • Single login
  • Scale with Linux Containers


Accelerated self-service with Qlik Sense chart suggestions

  • Easier to create a visualization by allowing you to simply drag and drop fields onto your sheets. Chart suggestions are created using the Cognitive Engine in Qlik, which leverages insights from the data loaded and combines them with best practices for data visualization

Publishing an app from the hub

  • Publish an app that you have created to any stream for which you have publish access.

Improvements based on customers feedback

  • Grid size of an app sheet can now be customized with three different sizes: small, medium or large.
  • You can now set custom abbreviations in the load script. For example, you can choose to use Billions instead of G.
  • When clicking the Edit button of a Linked visualization, a new shortcut redirects you to editing the Master visualization item.
  • New keyboard shortcuts for selection back/forward have been added.

Multi-layer maps

  • Support for multiple layers.
  • Labels for point layers and area layers.
  • Quick look up of countries, divisions, cities, postal code areas.
  • No fixed upper limit of number of objects.
  • Circle select with distance measure.
  • Drill down support.
  • Layer control, zoom limit and draw order.
  • English or local name in the background map.

Keyboard navigation support for Qlik Sense hub

  • Qlik Sense hub now supports keyboard navigation and shortcuts

Linking Qlik Sense Mobile to third-party applications

  • Interact with third party mobile applications through a custom generated URL (deep link). The link can be embedded within the third party mobile application, with appropriate selections and filters

Deployment improvement

  • It is no longer necessary to use port 4244 as the authentication port. If you are using SSL to protect your environment, you can use port 443 as an external facing port for the Qlik Sense Proxy service (QPS).

Per-app VPN mode for Qlik Sense Mobile

  • Qlik Sense Mobile now works in a per-app VPN mode with the appropriate VMware Workspace ONE tunnel components

Allocations for new license types

  • Professional and Analyzer license types can now configure the allocation of these licenses in the QMC

Analytic connections improvement

  • Administrators have the ability to add, remove, and reconfigure Analytic connections without additional restarts of any service becoming required for the Analytic connections to function

Enable anonymous users to export data

  • Anonymous users can print and export data


More info: https://help.qlik.com/en-US/sense/April2018/Content/WhatsNew/What-is-new-Apr2018.htm

QS_February_2018Dynamically generated queries to web sources in scripts

Loading a table from an analytic connection

  • Return a full table in a single request to an analytic connection from the data load script, using the new Extension clause of Load

Simplify data preparation with recommended associations

  • Use recommended associations to see possible associations between tables.

Styling an app with custom themes

  • Custom themes to style an app on a global or granular basis:
    • Change colors of background and individual chart elements.
    • Define color palettes and color gradients.
    • Specify font sizes and font color.

On-demand App Generation

  • Create On-demand App Generation (ODAG) solutions with support for anonymous usage. This adds capabilities for external facing websites and OEM scenarios

SSO with Microsoft SQL Server

  • Single connection to Microsoft SQL Server that can be shared across a number of different users



Keyboard navigation in Qlik Sense apps

  • Navigation is supported both within the app overview page and within the Qlik Sense toolbar

Details dialog in Data manager

  • Enables you to easily see the source of a table or field, the current changes that have been made, and the sequence in which the changes have been applied.

Add data manually

  •  Manually enter data in Add data in Data manager

Additional functions for calculated fields

Visualization improvements

  • Scroll horizontally in a table
  • Control the bubble size and add jittering of data points in a distribution plot
  • Expression to set the color of a box plot or a distribution plot.
  • Labels in a combo chart.
  • Expression as the name of a sheet.
  • Customize the message that is displayed when a calculation condition is not met.
  • Add and refresh data in the sheet editor, without needing to go to the data manager.

New ODBC connectors

  • Amazon Redshift
  • Google BigQuery

SAML single logout


More in detail at: https://help.qlik.com/en-US/sense/November2017/Content/WhatsNew/What-is-new-Nov2017.htm



Sequential operations in Data manager

  • Single data profiling card transformation on a single field, you can now use the data profiling cards, concatenation, calculated fields, and unpivoting data together.

Recent colors in color picker

  • The color picker in Qlik Sense now displays the five most recent colors selected in Qlik Sense

Expression Driven Labels

  • Provides the ability to use expressions in labels for dimensions and measures in property pane. E.g. This allows you to add dynamically calculated values into the labels on your charts.

Navigation and usability improvements to Data manager

New visualization:

  • Waterfall chart
  • Pivot Table Improvements

Ease-of-use enhancements to on-demand apps

Qlik Sense Mobile app

Centralized logging

  • All nodes now have direct access to a common database and file system.

More in detail at: https://help.qlik.com/en-US/sense/September2017/Content/WhatsNew/What-is-new-Sept2017.htm


New chart types and color options

  • Box Plot
  • Distribution plot
  • Histogram

Assigníng colors to master items

Assigning colors to master dimension values

Enhanced data preparation

  • Replace
  • Set nulls
  • Order
  • Split
  • Bucket

On-demand apps for big data

Advanced analytics integration

  • R and Python (SSE)

Three new monitoring apps

  • Log Monitor
  • Reloads Monitor
  • Sessions Monitor

More in detail at: https://help.qlik.com/en-US/sense/June2017/Content/WhatsNew/What-is-new-June2017.htm

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