Where dimension enriches analytics

Location intelligence as a data and visualization in your analytics is very powerful tool in many cases. Where information in text and numeric format are used traditionally in e.g. bar charts or pie charts. How about visualizing the same easily in maps. And what about if map can give you option to have multi layer view with tons of different data at the same time.

Location Intelligence

Where dimension is a solid part of analytics. It enriches an analytics and enables even better situational awareness of your business. Like any of your visualization in your analytics apps, use it with making sense and be part of a story.

“Location intelligence use case examples”


  • Sales and profit per country, cities or tailored areas.
  • More efficient marketing campaigns for specific areas
  • Strengths, weaknesses, possibilities or threats per area

Store performance

Construction industry

  • To plan where to build and what
  • What are different effects and influences in each different locations.

New locations

Operations and logistics

  • To optimize delivery routes
  • To forecast needs and demand indications per different area


Wholesale and services

  • Store and services locations per consumer behaviour and per trends
  • Demand forecasting per area
  • To visualize success of different stores regionally.
  • To optimize product placement regionally with marketing campaigns


Insurance sector

  • Risk management per transaction type
  • Risk identification per area
  • Forecast and scenarios per area


Security sector

  • Forecast analysis for crime (regionally)
  • To identify and publish risks in different areas
  • To develop security regionally


(Pics are from qlik demos at https://demos.qlik.com/qliksense)


” Qlik GeoAnalytics”

Qlik Sense  offers options for location intelligence.

1) Use Qlik Sense native mapping functionality (points and areas)

2) Or use GeoAnalytics which enriches your geo visualization with e.g. multilayers, many different visualization options

3) Use other great tools like QlikMaps from Analytics8 and so on


What is GeoAnalytics.. have a look this video from Qlik.


” How to get started with Qlik GeoAnalytics”

If you want to know how to start with GeoAnalytics, please check this video from Qlik’s Michael Tarallo


Qlik has lots of more information of GeoAnalytics e.g in Qlik Help. Interested, check it here: GeoAnalytics


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