Qlik Qonnections 2018 – A new chapter


Qlik Qonnections this year will be very interesting. Some early thoughts why so..

  • I am sure there will be very exciting new products releases
  • TeamQlik has a new CEO Mike Capone (read: how Mike outlines his business strategy)
  • Qlik Community is stronger than ever
  • Qlik positioned in leaders Quadrant of Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for analytics and business intelligence platforms for eighth consecutive year (Read more)

Invite from Mike Capone:

Introducing KeyNote speakers – Dubner & Levitt

Qon2018 keynote


What I expect to see at #Qonnections are:

  • What is a Big Data Indexing’s (BDI) roadmap. This is very interesting and important subject due increasing amount of data.
  • Cognitive engine and advanced analytics and how these topics are in Qlik’s Roadmap.
  • Data Literacy: How to approach and understand data. How to present it in so that it’s understandable to everyone.
  • What are an user interface new additions and functionalities in Qlik Sense.
  • What are trends in 2018 (2019)
  • Augmented Intelligence – how technology and people works together in a best possible way.


Story will be updated soon..

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