Qlik and Podium data – Quick highlights

Qlik announced to acquire Podium Data. This is strategically very interesting move. Qlik already has a leading analytics platform, now also a great way to manage a data.

People wants to access to all the data, not only to use data silos. This acquisition will bring self service analytics to a new great level.

How Qlik analytics platform and Podium Data will technically to be integrated is an another question. But I am sure we will hear more of this soon.

“..ability to manage, prepare and deliver analytics-ready data to every business user across a diverse data landscape” – Qlik

Features and functionalities of Podium Data:

  • Complete Validation
  • All Sources & Formats
  • Automatic Profiling
  • Protects Data Quality
  • Intelligent Data Identification
  • Data Curation
  • Make Data Business-Ready
  • Combine Data from Raw to Ready
  • Maintain Security & Control
  • Publish Data for Any Use

Benefits (some):

  • Data in one place
  • Data closer to users
  • Data can be refreshed in minutes
  • On-Demand access to data
  • Reduced data preparations costs
  • Cutting time to insights
  • Secure data


  • On Premise
  • Cloud


Podium Data

Qlik Press release



Source: www.podiumdata.com and www.qlik.com

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