Data Literacy – don’t just say yes, but ask why?

We cannot avoid seeing the importance of data today regardless if it is private or business data. How do we read, create or communicate the data as information is another question.

This is very interesting topic to look closer. Here you can find books recommendations and interesting links.

“Data literacy is a journey, one that individuals and organizations are starting to attack head on” – Qlik

To whom

  • Not all need to be Data Scientist
  • Not all need to be statistics experts


  • Capability to eaqually discuss, analyze, argue considering person’s roles, responsibilitys etc.

What are the benefits of being Data Literate?

  • Better decision making, better business
  • Better and exact communication
  • Understandable priorities and how one is performing when targeting their priorities
  • Learning culture -> Question Why


Data Literacy books: 

Recommendations by @JordanMorrow

  • Endurance Shackletons’ Incredible Voyage
  • Everybody Lies ( Big data, new data, and what the internet can tell us about who we really are)



  • Data Literacy Project: Building a Data Literate Workforce w/ @PaulMalyonData and @analytics_time

Data Literacy reading links:


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